Onboarding Automation.

Client onboarding automation helps to collect several pieces of crucial information including basic client details, secured payment information, and specific design needs.

The Questionnaire.

Design needs are captured through a dynamic, client-friendly questionnaire that propagates relevant questions for your client. If the client is unsure of a question or answer, valuable ideas and examples are provided.

Find out what questions we ask.

How it works.


Send your client a link

Once a client's email address is recieved, input the email into the Keepflow dashboard and we'll take care of the rest.


Client completes information

We'll ask the questions so you know your clients needs. We'll articulate the client's answers for you in our featured-packed dashboard.


Send your client a link

You can now design with confidence knowing exactly what the client wants. Any changes will be handled by the revision questionnaire.


Included with every tier.
Client Onboarding Automation
Client-friendly Dynamic Questionnaire
Project Management
Task Priority Filtering
Content Request Management
Chat, Text, & Email Communication
Client Portal
Team Management & Collaboration
Revision Questionnaire
Manage Content Approvals/Revisions
Secure Payment Processing
Automated Follow-up Notifications

Pricing Per Month

Affordable for startups, cheap for established organizations.



1-10 Clients
FREE Beta Access



11-99 Clients
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100+ Clients
FREE Beta Access

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